Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance

We specialize in Motor Vehicle Accident injuries; our team immediately can assess your injuries through a critical process and begin the healing process by being equipped to deal with every aspect of your treatment.  Including the administrative process to fast track your healing services.  We understand that down time is dead time and the faster you get back up from a fatal injury the faster you can start living again.  Each one of our clients learns the adage of our methodology; (HPR) Human Performance Rehabilitation.


Common conditions after an MVA that are treated at MediLifeCare:

  • Low back strain
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Headaches
  • Dashboard-related injuries (i.e. knee)
  • Seatbelt-related injuries (i.e. ribs and shoulder)
  • Whiplash

MediLifeCare prides itself on understanding every clients needs and guiding each individual smoothly through the insurance process in a seamless manner.



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When involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), you should:


  1. Notify your insurance company about your accident.
  2. Contact MediLifeCare clinic immediately following your accident to receive a thorough assessment by either our physiotherapist or chiropractor. Ultimately, this will help in your immediate and long-term recovery of any injuries sustained from the accident.
  3. Complete an OCF-1 form to apply for accident benefits which you are entitled and you must complete this form within 30 Days of your accident.

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First visit at MediLifeCare:


  1. Bring your OCF-1 form if you have obtained a legal representative.
  2. Our clinic will complete a disability certificate (OCF-3 form) following a thorough review from either our Chiropractor of Physiotherapist.
  3. If you have extended health benefits, bring in a copy of your submission form or Identification Card.
  4. The Physiotherapist or Chiropractor will submit a recommended treatment plan to your insurance company for approval. The Law stipulates that the insurance company has 10 business days to respond. Our Staff will contact you once the response from the insurance company is received.