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Many extended healthcare plans offered by Canadian employers include provision for massage therapy. As part of your regular routine, massage is an excellent (and enjoyable) way to maintain good health and help prevent injury from the repetitive strains of your daily life.

If you’re not sure whether your benefits package included massage therapy, you can either check the benefits packet from your employer or simply call your insurance provider. In order for massage to be covered by any insurance plan, the services received must be completed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). You may also be required to submit a doctor’s note recommending that you receive massage therapy.

Some insurance plans cover massage therapy but only up to a certain amount per visit. This may be a dollar amount or a percentage. Any amount not covered by your insurance company must be paid on completion of the treatment.


Some insurance companies allow Assignment of Benefits—the provision that allows a massage therapist to bill them on your behalf so that you are not required to pay for treatment up front.

Currently, both GreenShield and Blue Cross allow massage therapists direct, online billing services. The only paperwork you will need to provide is a doctor’s note, if required under your plan.

Great West Life also allows direct billing, but it must be done through the mail and the allowance can vary depending on the specific benefits package your company purchased. If you would like your therapist to submit billing to Great West Life on your behalf, please call them ahead of time to verify that they allow assignment of benefits and whether or not you are required to submit a doctor’s note. With those two details squared away, the Above & Beyond office would be happy to offer you direct bill services.

If you have insurance coverage under any other health care plan, and would like us to complete billing for you, please call them to verify that they allow assignment of benefits.

In the event that your plan does NOT allow for assignment of benefits, you will be required to pay for any services as they are performed and will receive a detailed receipt that you will be able to submit for reimbursement.

Sound confusing? We know it can be—please feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can work with your insurance provider. We’re happy to help.

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