Workplace Safety & Insurance Board / WSIB

For patients seeking massage therapy under a motor vehicle accident insurance claim or WSIB workplace injury, your therapist must perform a complete functional assessment before treatment can begin.

Typically, we like to combine the assessment with an initial treatment that will help sooth and calm the body after the potentially rigorous assessment exercise. To complete both components of your initial visit, please plan to spend approximately 2 hours at the clinic. Because of this time block and the various pieces of paperwork to prepare, please inform your therapist BEFORE you arrive of the reason for your visit so they are able to give you the time that you need.

When you come for your appointment, please bring along any information pertinent to your claim, including the name of the insurance company, your claim number and your adjuster’s name and contact information.

WSIB Claims
Following the initial assessment, your therapist will need to write up a review of your condition as they have understood it and submit it to the adjuster assigned to your case. From there, the write-up is reviewed by a nurse practitioner employed by WSIB and finally, your request for treatment approved or denied. This process may take up to 3-4 weeks. Once your request has been approved, your therapist will contact you to schedule treatment times that are convenient for you.

MVA Claims
Under current auto insurance laws, you will be eligible to begin treatment immediately after visiting the clinic for the first time. Please inform your therapist if you are solely seeking massage therapy or if you have also begun seeing a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or both. This will have an effect on the number of treatments your therapist will be able to provide. Your initial visit will consist of an assessment and treatment.

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